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Since a few people have already started to ask, here's an update on my clutch issues.

I got the car back last Wednesday after the transmission, clutch, and flywheel had been shipped to ClutchMasters to get everything sorted out. According to CM, the fulcrum point wasn't quite right with the original pressure plate so they provided new parts to correct that and shipped everything back. Due to an accident during the reinstall, I also ended up getting a new slave cylinder. Pedal effort is feather light now (too light for my taste really) and I haven't had any issues with grinding or kickback through the shifter. Unfortunately it's still binding up at the top of second gear and I also now have a little squeak when depressing the clutch (likely either the pedal bushing or a problem with the latest TO bearing).

Not sure what I want to do next. It might just be time to go back to stock and see if that solves all the problems. I could always try a different aftermarket clutch later if removing the FX100 solves the problem.

With all the aftermarket parts I've dealt with, I never expected something as commonly replaced as the clutch to be the only thing to ever give me troubles.
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