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Originally Posted by FlasHGordoN View Post
Called her up today and she said she's going to a wedding, but might go clubbing after or if its boring. She said she'd call me up. Nice of her to invite me to go clubbing but she's going with her friends so I'm not sure if she understood that I wanted to out with her alone and not to party or whatevers. Anyway, I'll go and ask her in person again if she wants to go out, just us two.
You guys just exchanged numbers, Speedy Gonzales ... you could be that psycho serial killer that managed to get a job at a sushi bar since he's good with knives.

Hang out with her at the club if she invites you, make a good impression in front of her friends... and see where it goes. If she has a good time with you, she will let you know.

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