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Originally Posted by edmancheung View Post
Hi Rajaie,

I ordered your seals two years ago and never installed them. They have been sitting in a drawer away from light all that time. I took them out of the package, and it still seems pliable. Should I order a new set since this has been sitting around? How long is their shelf life sitting around O2 and not bathed in oil?

Any new changes to the seal compound formula?

Let me know, the Vanos has 98,500 miles on it and I am now seeing a huge drop in mileage, bouncing of the RPMs, hesitation, and Vanos rattle. So time to delve into the project and get those little buggers replaced, but before I do I just want to make sure I can use the new seals from two years ago or if I need to order a new set. I dont' want to have to replace them again down the road.

The seals are fine. The concern would be the Viton O-ring (brown). These have a shelf life of 20 years. They should be kept in a sealed container, like the product bag, and kept out of the light.

We changed the Teflon material starting Oct 15 08. We figured out what the OEM Teflon material is. It has a high grade carbon filler. We were using a standard carbon filler. We are having better results with the OEM filler. The seals are taking 200 miles instead of 500 miles to break-in. Also there can be rough running and codes at first. These problems are notably reduced with the OEM filler.
The standard carbon filler we were using is good and there's no need for anyone to be concerned. I have this in my car.

Contact me privately and I can swap out your seals kit with a new one.
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