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A popular 200sx parts company were selling coilovers for 580, which people felt were well priced and they seemed pretty good quality... I managed to find the manufacturer of the kits over in China, who would sell a full set (pillowball, camber plated, height and damper adjustable) for about 220 + about 80 delivery.

Now, would you have bought the same coilovers if they were about 250 (bought in bulk)? It's odd that that if the retailer simply doubles the price, that people have more faith in the quality...

I guess my point is, don't know 'em until you (or someone you trust) has tried them and they HAVE tried more expensive options. It's too easy for someone who has only ever had stock suspension to declare the quality is good and the ride is fine, if they have never known quality...

Alpina B3S - 3.4L, 305bhp, 267ftlb
K&N panel filter, SPAX Coilovers, M3 Sway Bar, RedStuff pads, Brembo Grooved/dimpled discs.

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