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Originally Posted by Rajaie View Post
It's #13 on this parts diagram.

The stud is likely being pulled out of the engine head. The head is soft Aluminum and this can happen. If you decide to repair it you will need a 6mm helicoil. They have this at Autozone. Be sure you get the complete kit as you need the 7mm tap. You will unscrew the stud. Tap the hole with the 7mm tap. Screw in the helicoil. Then screw in the new stud. To screw and unscrew the stud, mount two nuts back to back on the stud and tighten them together. This will give you a hex to use a 10mm socket on.
This is not terrible. Don't be intimidated by it.

Hey thanks.

Anyone who are going to replace the seals, please confirm if this indeed can be unbolted, I already put back everything together and would rather make sure I can take it off before I disassemble the car again. Thanks!

Oh by the way I have been doing 15k mile oil changes GC 0W30 and my engine looks like this inside...Engine has 120k miles.


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