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So the part from Tischer that only costs $104 is OEM and works perfectly fine.

Follow the instructions that have gone before. I found it helps to remove the plastic (BMW) camshaft cover also. Rip the old fan out - have some fun - it's already damaged so you're not going to hurt it.

BEFORE you put the new part in, since the fins don't come off the Tischer unit, it is IMPERATIVE that you remove the right side (cars right side) blower housing. If you don't you can be assured you will break the fins trying to get the new unit in. If you take this cover off it's like 5 minutes to get the new fan in - no kidding!

NOTE: if you did happen to break a piece of the fin(s) off of the new unit trying to wedge it in, find the exact opposite fin and take off approximately the same amount of plastic. This might help keep you from buying a new one!

IMPORTANT: My old unit had a black side and a white side. The black side was on the cars right side. Make sure you orient the fan correctly when you install it.

With the right blower housing off (cars right) the fan unit literally just slips right in to the housing - no problems - no risk of bending/breaking the blades. Slide the metal keeper in place and lock it in place on top; use the torx screw driver to slide into the hole at the bottom of the clip and force the clip into place on the housing. Rotate the blades to see that it's installed correctly and you have the correct clearance. Test run the unit by inserting the key and turning the ignition on but don't start the car. If everything is correct it should turn as expected with no vibration or rubbing.

Now put it all back together and you are good to go! I'll post some pictures later but thought I'd get this out here for others that may be trying this soon.

NOTE: This was on a left hand drive car - US model.

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