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Originally Posted by HakenTT View Post
I use a "printer" voltage supply, I trew away my old printer and the power supply adaptor to it is 14v with 625mA ampage, anywhere there 14 to 16v with 300mA to 1000mA will work.
Looks like for you guys it is not even easy to find power supply to flash it. They how could I even begin with this when you can't even go past the easy part.
I've got a 14V voltage controlled power supply sitting in front of me from something. I just don't trust power supplies that are rated for 1 amp to run a DME. Maybe it doesn't need much, but I'd want a 5 AMP capable power supply if I was spending money on something, and considering I have a lot of random electrical crap laying around (including a computer power supply I might try modding) I think I can have something together in terms of "instructions for creating one" very soon/easily.

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