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i think i might be the other friend

as for my review, not many complaints from my end. A LOT more comfortable than race springs with blown zhp shocks in front and bilstein sports in the rear. turning is not as good as my race springs, but still a giant leap from non-sport suspension. build quality was quite good, the shocks and springs very physically very soft which scared me at first (springs and shocks were easily compressable by hand) but all was well once installed. its somewhat hard to gauge these coils, theyre definitely softer than race springs but its still pretty stiff considering how low im sitting (actually lookin to lower the front a tiny bit more )

my ONLY gripe is at low speeds on an uneven highway i bounce quite a lot, and because its my commute to school and i go to class 4 times a week it does bother me sometimes. high speeds however, the car is comfortable. also, these coils can go LOW. im sitting 3 threads from the lowest setting in the rear and im about 1.5 inches from the end of the threads to the bottom collar in the front if it wasnt for my bumper i would be sitting cm's off the ground but we cant have everything we want

so after my ~2,000 mile review, i am very pleased with how they turned out. raj has taken these coils to the limit while ive been riding low and slow since initial install so these reviews should help out anyone lookin to get the raceland coils for either direction ur heading

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