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Hi, I plan on buying the Peak reader (i just bought my e46 in september) but I have a service engine soon light that just came on. For the past few days I've had a the oil indicator light turn on while the key is in position two, but never a service light. Today the service light stayed on my entire way to school (~25 miles) but not the oil light. However, when i turned the engine off and left the key in position 2 the oil light was on.

is this simply a sign that i need to change my oil? (i'm within 400 miles of what the PO's indy shop wrote on the window sticker for the next change) or could this be something else? I know, I know, buy the reader, but I don't want to wait days for it to get here only to find out its something damaging to the motor. Also, in the last few days i had a 6000 mile message pop up when i would first start the car, and then it would change to telling me the outside temperature.

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