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Originally Posted by Rajaie View Post
When did you first get the P1520?
When you replaced the crankcase vent valve, did you also replace the 4 hoses?
Did you inspect the idle control valve air intake boot branch? This gets cracks in the outer elbow accordion valleys.
I brief history of my problem:

Approximately 6 months ago I was beginning to get engine hesitation when letting out the clutch at a stop light. I ordered your seals and replaced the VANOS seals along with changing spark plus and all valve cover gaskets. The car ran beautifully for approx. 50 miles and then started idling horribly to the point where it would almost stall and had zero power. The SES light came on and the idle seem to normalize, but it was still rough and the light remained on. Without reading the codes decided to replace both intake and exhaust CPS (OEM brand). There was no change and so I brought it to my indy mechanic where he read the P1520 code along with multiple misfires.

To rule out bad coils he replaced them all along with a redline oil change and engine flush. The codes came back immediately and the issue wasn't resolved. I went ahead and replaced the CCV calve along with all 4 hoses. I inspected the idle control valve boot as well as the intake boot while I was in there and there were no cracks evident. I also cleaned the exhaust VANOS solenoid per your recommendation to no avail.

This brings me to today: P1520 and multiple random misfires, rough idle, and hesitation when letting out the clutch at a stop light (more pronounced after the car is hot after driving for a while).
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