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Originally Posted by Rajaie View Post
Maybe you didn't install the sparkplugs correctly. When you screw them in you will first get resistance. You should then continue to tighten them for ~1/3 turn till they fully tighten. If you didn't fully tighten they will come loose and cause your symptoms after maybe 50 miles.

Take out and clean the idle control valve.

You might have a clogged fuel filter.

Your pre-cat O2 sensors are due for replacement. They have a lifespan of 100k miles. They usually fail by over enriching the air/fuel mix so it wouldn't cause your symptoms. But you will get worsening gas mileage.

Disconnect the MAF electrical connector. If the problems completely resolve then it might be the MAF. Disconnecting the MAF will cause the DME to enrich the air/fuel mix and this will hide a vacuum leak. So you have to be careful with this test.

Were the CPS sensors new? Did you get them from a BMW dealership? Do they have a BMW logo on them?
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