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E92 repair

Martino Auto Concepts thanks DR E92 for chosing our facility for this extensive repair!
MAC also installed OEM M Tech rear bumper & diffuser.

Cf decklid by JL Motoring w/ custom fade as per request.

Originally Posted by DR_E92 View Post
So I was driving around getting some errands done and I see this old Ford pickup that keeps braking for no reason. I point it out to my gf and she agrees that this guy is driving wrecklessly because there is no one else around and yet he keeps braking hard then accelerating.

As I pass him on the right lane, I take a look at the driver and he's not even looking forward, he's looking out to the left. Noooo idea what he may be looking at because there was nothing important out for him to be staring at. So I continue down the road and come to a red light 3 blocks later. The guy was still a block behind me when the light turned red. Mind you, I was only doin about 40mph while he was doin like 45 then 20 everytime he started to brake. After being at the light for about 5 seconds, I look through my rearview mirrior and see his grill literally about 20ft behind me still coming at me!

My car was in neutral and I knew I didnt have enough time to throw it into gear and take off so I just yelled out BABY!! (to warn my gf) and hit the brake hard so we wouldnt end up hitting oncoming traffic. Well.. this was the end result of that freaking *******... and to top it all off, he didnt even care!!!! He tried to leave but was blocked by a car that pulled up in the right lane so I jumped out of my car and made a huge scene even opened his door a couple of times telling him to get the f*ck out! The guy never showed any remourse or apologized. All he said was "oh well, it happened." Then he even had the nerve to tell the cops that he had no excuse/explanation. He just shrugged and said it just happened.

Anyway... here are the pics. /rant

The crap of metal that destroyed my car
Repair Process:

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