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Originally Posted by jacobs323i View Post
Hey Blue jeans i have not driven the car as of yet since i am from mn and it is in cali, so i do not know what rpm it hits boost or full boost. I am open to suggestions on the head what do you think i should do?
if you've ever had the chance to compare the ports on the heads of the m54 and the m50 family, then you know the m54 could use improvement. (I will refer to m52tu as m54, it's all the same family). At the very least, I would port .5" into the port to port-match to manifold, which is probably m50 based (m50,m50tu,s50,m52,s52)... of which the basic castings are all the same. I would port as much as 1" into the exhaust port to try and achieve the smoothest port-match.

As far as turbo, to really use it with a m52tub25, it needs to be built. Otherwise I feel it's tremendously oversized. You should experience 0 dropoff at upper rpms, but with the boost levels, displacement and compression ratio you have, it seems to me that a gt28 would be far more appropriate blower that would yield similar numbers with a far earlier spool. With the TT t3/t4, at 8 psi I made over 300whp on a very conservative dyno. Granted your motor is smaller, but I think you will manage better curves, much more area under them with something smaller.

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