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Originally Posted by DrkSide_RbL View Post
thanks for the info glad one person out of thousands on this forum can actually offer some help and advice...I actually spent the time to clean out the throttle body and while i was in there i also cleaned out the idle control valve. I used crc throttle body cleaner i got from the local auto shop. I was able to verify that the throttle was indeed sticking by manually opening and closing the throttle with my hand from the engine bay. I cleaned out all the gunk as best as i could but once everything was back in place there was one incident that the problem happened again..i quickly stepped on the gas and it went back to normal. I assume the throttle is still sticking!!! where can i get that 3M stuff? i couldn't find it at kragen.
you could always have a kink or a fray in the cable. Just something to think about
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