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Originally Posted by Rooz View Post
You can't get 600hp out of that car
with enough resources, yes, he can, with just a turbo, no nitrous

m50tub25 and m52 have made that much crank hp without an issue. A stock m52 with a .140 hg and studs has proven to hold more than 700whp.

With epic head porting, sweet cams, it'll be easier.

Originally Posted by E46 S54B32 View Post
correction actually AA new supercharger for the 323 uses the GT7040 and as you can see in the link produces 266 WHP at only 8 psi...daves 328 is pushing out 12 psi soo im sure you can booost the psi a bit more (which i plan on doing next month or so when i install the kit to 9 or 10 psi )
soo just to let you know your 260WHP is nothing that hasent been acheved yet on a FI 323..ohh and they ARE upgradeable to stg 2 which uses alcohol and meth setup

lets see you run a couple quarter mile times an see how you stack up against other i said above daves 328 ran a 12.9 let see how that turbo does...
David's car is pushing more boost than that...
Also keep in mind that turbo low end and midrange is awesome, after spool. Now, the pectel tuning for e46 m52tu, I think is very pioneering.

Keep in mind that not all drag strips are the same and there's a lot of launching error, etc. David would manage much better quarter times with better tires and an lsd. He more importantly trapped 112mph. Let's more closely keep track of trap speed while talking FI or e46 or e36... as these cars don't launch- and trap speed is a better tell of output.

I support the idea of keeping boost low until getting a built motor, especially if there's any chance your current motor isn't the healthiest critter. I think that it must be timed very, very conservatively,- beyond that, it isn't shameful power for the motor, it is low for that turbo though. I boosted high on stock internals, like so many others, most only do with hgs. At one point, due to a faulty meth controller, in absolute failure (that was backfeeding the MAF) i saw horrifying AFRs... but somehow, and I credit Nick's tuning- I still had a motor. 15.4afr@12psi@6600rpm...somehow my motor survived that

But months later my motor failed, so far in dissection of the beast, I have found a broken chain guide, I think that probably contributed to things. The head is still on, we'll see what's underneath.

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