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One thing i didn't mention is that this car used to have a SC!!! but it was taken out 25k miles ago and it didn't have this problem until now. What is the DISA valve or sending unit? from what i researched only the M3's have pedal position sensors? The dealer told me there is only one throttle sensor located in the housing of the throttle body which means you would have to buy the whole throttle body at $600 if that were the problem

I've changed the MAF, ripped air boot (air leak), cam & exhaust position sensors, new optima battery, spark plugs, and i noticed one of the ignition coils was changed at some point from previous owner.

But like i said i only started having this problem after i had changed all these parts 5k miles after and these throttle codes are new. I'm pretty sure its the throttle sticking b/c when i cleaned it out the first time the codes went away. I am going to try a second time cleaning it today
Its the black box on the intale manifold. also called adjuster unit PN 11611440049 on my car.
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