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Originally Posted by BeRzErKaS View Post
Strange responses... Not sure what the problem is here...?

Best way to get a female neighbor into bed is to find a practical, non-date like reason to visit her apartment. An updated version of the "Can I borrow a cup of sugar?" strategy with a modern twist.

You will need to do your own leg work to advance the relationship from the Total Stranger to Casual Acquaintance stage. You're 30+ so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and skip the remedial Pimpology. Let's move on to the more advance tactics.

Through casual conversation try to figure out what she likes to watch on TV. As a young girl the chances are very high that she follows at least one of those trendy, ditsy shows that we generally don't care about (American Idol, Grey's Anatomy, etc). Your job is to fake an interest in whichever one she likes the most. On a random week night knock on her door (without prior warning) and casually inform her that your cable is out and ask if you can watch "whatever lame ass show" at her apt because you remembered her mentioning that she watches it regularly.

This is an acceptable request among young people these days. I've had two previous female neighbors knock on my door with similar requests. Most recently this cute Asian girl that lives across the hall offered to cook me and my roommate dinner if she could come over and watch House with us. Done and Done!

Anyway, as long as you're not a total sketch ball she'll probably say "Sure!" and invite you in. The goal is not to put the moves on her the first night but to engage her in decent conversation and get to know her better. If she has roommates your job is to charm them too. Close with a nonchalant effort to turn the TV night thing into a regular occurrence by saying thanks and inviting her to watch at your apt next time. If you make it to that point you're golden and should have her in the sac within a week or two.

Contingency Plan
If she declines your request to watch TV together she will most likely throw you a bone by attaching some lame excuse like "I'm about to leave" or "I have people coming over." If so, take the hint, bow out gracefully and move on to the next. No big deal.
Best advice yet!

What if she asks me my age though? Avoid the question and switch subjects or just tell her the truth like it's no big deal and hope it won't matter to her?
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