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Originally Posted by DrkSide_RbL View Post
how do you check the DISA valve and test to see if it's working properly???
Unplug wire harness, remove the two T-40 bolts, carefully pull Adjuster unit out of intake manifold (you may have to twist it slightly). Thoroughly clean unit with throttle body cleaner, make sure flap has no cracks and that the pin that holds it in is there and secure. Open and close the flap with your finger several times, making sure it has pretty good resistance and goes back to the closed position each time. Once unit is cleaned/checked for defects, re-install. (I recommend a new o-ring and bolts, but to each his own) Obviously replace unit if anything is broken.

I would also recommend that you completely remove your throttle housing assembly and thoroughly clean the backside of it. It's a pain-in-the-arse, but I was shocked at how much build-up mine had on the backside of it when I removed it to do my CCV replacement.
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