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Originally Posted by TiAgTouring View Post
Should I remove my pre-cat O2 sensors before hand? Have a lot of people had to replace 02 sensors after Seafoam?

I plan on replacing my oil and plugs after doing Seafoam, but I am wondering how many miles is correct. I am doing seafoam as part of a "tune-up" for a 1200 ride trip to NYC. Is that too long to wait for the oil chance and plugs? My current plugs are only at 10k miles.
I'm pretty sure your car won't run at all without the O2 sensors to monitor the air/fuel ratio. So I'd leave them in. I think the O2 sensor problems are very rare.

I didn't have any O2 sensor problems, and I can't see how that is even possible.

Like was posted above, read the can. I poured some in the crankcase, then drove around for an hour or so (~50 miles) then did the oil change while the oil was hot (read: hot, not just warm), so hopefully that helped with some possible sludge.

I also didn't have any problems with sparkplugs after seafoam. Leave those in there, and if you have problems, change them out later.

And don't panic when your car is misfiring and blowing smoke all over the place. Just drive it some, then turn it off/on then drive some more. Go to an Advance / Autozone and have them clear the misfire codes once it seems to be driving fine.
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