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So in the last month I've replaced all the belts, all the pulleys (converted to hydraulic) and now replacing the expansion tank on my 2001 330i auto. Got my parts from koperformance (highly recommended) and tackled yesterday.
Was stressing out on how difficult the tank removal was going to be, removal of the hoses and possible breaking of the auto thermostat so I ordered many extra parts.
Well after only 45 minutes I must say this was probably the easiest DIY I've done so far. Hoses came off with no struggle. I don't have a thermostat for the tank so that was not an issue. The tank itself...well damn came up in 30 secs! My 10 year old daughter could have pulled it up! Installation was super easy and it did not take much to put it back. Was skeptical that it was so easy to reattach that it would leak like crazy but not even a drop! Bleed easily and I'm all good!!! I keep my engine bay pretty clean and our mild climate in Northern California may make things easier.
Thanking all the forum members for all the good tips and sorry for those that had such a hard time.
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