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Thread revival.

I need to replace these rubber mounts. Good idea you had there Luky. I like the home depot rubber mount improvisation. Is this working out? sometimes the labor and time involved to go after a project like this does not pay off...I know Pelican parts has them on for sale, a quick trip to the depot and problem solved...if it works.

Originally Posted by Luky View Post
Opened the hood this morning and found two of the three rubber mounts on the air pump were broken, although testing showed that it was working fine. Next I checked the valve on the manifold and found it was not working. I then found that the vacuum line attached to the valve was broken under the O2 sensor plug. So I hit the BMW shop just before the parts desk closed and picked up some new vacuum line ($16 for ~2 foot!). I was going to get the new rubber mounts but they wanted about $19 each! It would have been over $60 just for three new mounts... I said "Screw that!" and went to Home Depot. I bought three M6 x 30mm hex bolts, three stainless " washers, and about 4 inches of 1/2" diameter reinforced hi pressure rubber water hose. I cut the hose up into spacers (3 x 2mm washer and 3 x 14mm spacer) and assembled the blower to the bracket with blue lock-tite. Total cost ~$2. Everything seems to work fine so I just have to wait and see if it throws another CEL code...
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