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Originally Posted by aggieE46 View Post
I polished them. 600 grit wetsanding is just to smooth them out. I've got a feeling the person who told me to do it knows a bit more about the subject than you

Honestly, what do you think a few wipes of wetsanding and gobs of WD40 are going to do? It's really just to clean up the surfaces. The cams have been though a lot
I had the same suggestion when talking to my engine specialist as one of my lobes has some minor dents in it. He said he can't sand them smoother, but he'll try and polish them away with 2000 paper if at all, as he doesn't want to attack the hardened surface too much.
The only thing that could really happen, he says, is that the hydraulic valve lifter gets worn out faster. I took his word for it...

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