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Originally Posted by bohemianjsr View Post
Thread revival.

I need to replace these rubber mounts. Good idea you had there Luky. I like the home depot rubber mount improvisation. Is this working out? sometimes the labor and time involved to go after a project like this does not pay off...I know Pelican parts has them on for sale, a quick trip to the depot and problem solved...if it works.

Yep, my home made mounts are still working fine. This was a very quick fix (if you have a box end wrench, razor knife and lock-tite). The new vacuum line fixed the CEL issue. I have not had any issues with this since my fix. For the quick trip to Home Depot, the $2, and knowing that you did it yourself, it is worth it!

Tranny is still fine with the Castrol Import Multi-vehicle ATF too (about 20k miles on the fluid now). I also just replaced my windshield wipers with PIAA silicone wiper blade assemblies. They have the air foil piece on both wiper arms and were about half ($22) of what BMW wanted for new stock wipers. The silicone acts like the rain-x on your windshield. Usually there is not much rain here in San Diego but we did see some light rain last week and the blades worked great at 80mph.

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