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Originally Posted by snikwad View Post
yeah it just died, i tried tapping and banging all kinds of crap, the top, the tank, the filter. nothing. then when vdo showed up i disconnected the battery for a few moments and she cranked right up. no CEL no sputter, nothing... im baffled.
I had a Neon that did that to me back before I joined the military. I was going 65 and it just died on me. The lights, dash, engine, everything. We unplugged the battery, then re-plugged it and attempted to jump start it - it actually worked, and the car ran long enough for me to get home. We tried everything; changed the spark plugs, coil pack, checked the fuel filter and it still wouldn't run again. Had it towed to the shop and turned out I had fried the computer and had a bad EGR valve.

Completely different car, but still bizarre nonetheless.

Neons are garbage to begin with. Absolute shiat. ANYway...
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