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Here's my growing list of things I've done to my car; everything myself. Some easy, some hard. It's a '99 328i and has 125,000 miles now so been doing lots of preventative maintenance this year. I've, knock-on-wood, not had to resort to using anyone else and have not gotten stuck in the middle of a job and had to abort. List does not include normal maintenance items like changing the oil. I'm just a regular guy with a 3-car garage (which is helpful), a decent set of tools but I truly couldn't have done them without the DIYs from this forum.

Oct 09 Replaced/overhauled cooling system: water pump, thermostat, radiator hoses, temperature sensor, coolant level sensor, temperature sending unit
Oct 09 Replaced power steering reservoir and reservoir to-cooling coil and to-pump hoses
Oct 09 Cleaned Idle Control Valve
Sep 09 Cleaned DISA/adjuster unit
Aug 09 Replaced CA/CABs (control arms, control arm bushings), sway bar links
Jul 09 Replaced struts
Jun 09 Replaced A/C belt tensioner
Jun 09 Replaced rear shocks and shock mounts
May 09 Replaced accessory belt tensioner and deflection pulley
Apr 09 Replaced accessory and A/C belts
Mar 09 Replaced rotors with drilled rotors and replaced pads and brake sensors
Jan 07 Replaced front passenger window regulator
Dec 06 Replaced fuel filter
Nov 06 Replaced hood roundel and wheel center caps
Nov 06 Replaced valve cover gasket, new plugs, plug connectors, rubber seals
Jun 02 Replaced camshaft position sensor -exhaust side

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