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WOW this forum is amazing all of the posts are excellent....Heres my little story
So Im 23 now I meet this girl when I was 20 and she was 17, At the time she was driving a black 5-speed 323I that her daddy had bought her and I was instantly hooked. I dont know if I was more attracted to her or her car, I had a POS civic hatch at the time. Well to start it all off the very first night we meet was solely based off of lies which is never a good sign. I had asked her GF. if she was single and that if she was 18 yet and I was lied to on both accounts saying yes she had just turned 18 three weeks prior (not true) and that her highschool BF had dumped her 3 months prior (not true) in truth she was still dating her HS. BF and the B**** had just turn 17 So me and her start dating.......... she remains dating the other guy for two weeks into our relationship unknown to me. As time goes by 1 year turns into 2 years things get slowly worse as she repeatedly cheats on me with multiple guys most of which I introduced her to being that they were all my F**KING Friends or so I thought they were. By now we have been together for almost Three years on and off many times. She has herself a decent paying job as a nurse at a local hospital by this time....(She is 19 now and Im 23) and she decides it time to buy "OUR" first home so "WE" can be together forever. I say okay sounds great! As our new house is being built (brand new) I am excited as hell buying TV's, furniture, Tools for my new garage etc.. The day comes for us to move in and Im so excited Im freaking out the house IMO was sweet and new. I feel the only logical next step in our Relationship would be to get married. So three weeks after living happily together in our new house I buy her a 2 carrot $3700 dollar engagement ring and ask her to marry me which she excitedly say yes to and takes the ring. Looooooooooooooooooooooooong story short we lasted about another 4 months in the new house and on a monday morning (memorial day of this year) I woke up with two short and sweet text messages on my phone say "Eric I am sorry but I no longer feel the way I once did about us you are a great guy but I am no longer in love with you. Plz. dont make this harder then it needs to be. Could you have all of you belongings gathered up and out of "MY" house by the time I get home from work today. Dont call me back and I wont bother you. Just leave me alone....I am truely sorry but this is whats best for the both of us. Goodbye" I swear to god I thought I was dreaming I didn't know what the hell was happening. I started to panic and sweat all over and just started to pace around the house. I called her IMMEDIATLY and she didn't answer I must of called her 100 times that day. I did the only thing I knew to do and drove to her work. She was not there . I did the only adult and mature thing at that point I thought I could do....I listened to her request and removed every single item from "OUR" home that day. The next day she changed her cell #.

We have been apart now for almost 7 months and to this day I will not drive by "OUR" house or even go down that street. One week ONE WEEK after we split She had a new man moved into "OUR" house. A 33 year old local Sheriff and she is only 20 years old. The 4th week they were living together in our house she turns up pregnant by him. She is now 5/6months pregnant and engaged to get married this coming april or may after she has his kid. She has since Lost her job at the Hospital and is working at a local Mcdonalds.

BTW she still has my engagment ring I gave her and refuses to give it back stating that it is the only thing she has to show proof of the three years of her life she wasted on me!!!!!! She has his engagment ring on her finger and still F***KING keeps mine hidden somewhere

Words cannot describe the emotional rollercoaster that my life has been these past 7 months. It really is surreal

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