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Originally Posted by kensou View Post
Hi All,

I continue on this subject, as i'm still working on that, i have not yet received the camera

So.. Yesterday, i installed the relay.
The wire i found in the trunk for the reverse signal is blue/yellow
I think that's same for all E46.

When i engage reverse, the TV module switches fine to the camera video input.
I did the test by inputing a DVD video source, it works fine.

But, i have one issue, i don't know the reason why, may be someone knows...

I removed the dvd video input from the camera reverse video input, and plug it back to the AV video input. camera reverse video input has nothing now.

1/ If i watch the DVD or TV. when i engage the reverse gear, i can see the DVD / TV picture, but flickering ! (whereas there is no video source in the camera reverse video input)

2/ If i'm in the nav audio menu, when i engage the reverse gear, i can see a black screen (normal i think).

is it normal for the 1st case ?

Just an update for the raised issue : there's no issue actually.

Inputing a DVD in the reverse camera channel doesn't display properly the video on the nav screen, that's normal, it seems that this video channel doesn't support DVD video format, and this channel is only designed for reverse camera video.

Indeed, i received the reverse camera yesterday, i plugged it into the tv module, and it works perfectly, the video is clean !

Conclusion : reverse camera video input must be only used for ... the reverse camera , we cannot input something else like DVD or playstation ^^

I will install everything properly on saturday, i will make a DIY as promised.
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