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Thanks for the excellent work! I'm sure this will save many hours of searching and it will become a very useful and popular reference. IMHO, a sticky is well deserved for this.

I'm very interested in the sticky fifth fix, since my clutch will need replacing in a few months.

Two part numbers are listed for the locking pins. Are two of each needed for a total of four locking pins? Are sealing caps not required for 5th/reverse?

I seem to remember a DIY for this, but I can't find it at the moment.

5th Gear Sticky Fix:

* Reverse Gear/5th Gear Fix
o Repair kit (Qty. 2) - 23117542726
o Locking pins - 23317502165 / 23311224849

Shift Pin Service
o Repair kit (Qty. 3) - 23117525048
o Sealing caps (Qty. 3) - 23317222988
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