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Originally Posted by bmwbun View Post
A few more items:

Screws for mounting rotors to hub. I think it is best practice to replace these screws when replacing the rotor (1 per rotor).

Washer on the engine block coolant drain screw. It should be replaced each time the block is drained.

The Bentley Manual covering the 2000 Coupe being primarily discussed here instructs that anti-sieze containing copper be applied to spark plug threads. The original spark plugs had this type of compound applied at the factory as well. I would include this item in the list.

Similarly, silicone grease for caliper pins.

OE tire specifications.

OE battery specifications.

Under fluids, you talk about tranny fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid etc. but you left out motor oil.

Washers for the differential drain and fill screws.

Personally I'd include Castrol SAF-XO as a differential fluid since it was the factory fill on your 2000 Coupe.

You included the oil drain plug but not the washer. For those still doing oil changes using the oil pan drain bolt, it is best practice to replace the washer each time.

alrighty, actually went through and just have a few comments.

the bolts for mounting the rotor to the hub is a good practice so I included those fo sho

i included the block drain plug washer even though it really isnt a common item to replace. It's all in good practice though, thank you for reminding me.

spark plug anti seize yeahhhh, according to my friend sitting right next to me (works at the bmw dealer parts counter) they dont even sell it. Same as the silicone grease for the caliper pins. It's best to just buy that stuff at autozone. But you are right about using it, I'll make mention of it but I dont have the part numbers

There is no way I am covering motor oil, lulz. People can search for that one. But I did change the fluid listings and included oem listings

Originally Posted by bmwbun View Post
... Auto trans filter kits (GM, ZF),

O-rings for the intake and exhaust camshaft position sensors. Best practice is to install new ones when replacing faulty sensors.

Double check inclusion of all related cooling system parts especially related to expansion tank replacement. You're missing some.

done, thanks!
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