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Hi Guys, i know this is too late.
But i had Fantastic success with this method, just incase anyone stumbles across this later.

For anyone thats come half way through, please follow this link for a majority of disasdsembly instructions:

Until you get to this picture:

Then you will use the BAM Inc. method (my method )
To remove the Bezzel:

By now you should have the xenon bulb and the front headlamp covers removed.

1. Through the xenon bulb whole look towards the centre of the headlamp at the top. you should see this:

and one at the bottom


Use some long nose pliers and carefull press the top and bottom of the pop out clips together then gentely push. This should force the bezzel out.

2. Once the both top and bottom clips are off you can pull the bezzel out. Just behind the bezzel in the centre (towards the bottom) you will see a white clip. This is the clip the bar in the first pic is holding onto. If you push the top and bottom of this you can then push the bar out.

Simple as..
Please let me know if this is successfull for you too, then i can post it other places to help people out (btw for longivity, does anyone know how to upload pictires here (just incase my hosting dies))

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