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Originally Posted by GoingNuts View Post
This step required the battery to be disconnected and/or the right fuse pulled.

The Aircon control panel was taken out by pushing from its back on both sides.

Four sets of wires were plugged into the back of the panel. Each of these had a uniquely shaped connector and matching socket. So reconnecting them wrong would not be possible. I tied these wires together to remind myself they belonged together.

With the exception of the large connector, the other connectors could just be pulled out after pressing on the release tabs on their sides. The large connector had a special locking mechanism. This was when it was locked.

This was when it was unlocked.

Question. Does anyone know if there is a trim piece/storage compartment that fits into where the AC Heater controls are being removed from in these pics?

I'm thinking of moving my AC heater control down and installing a single DIN stereo with a "flip down LCD screen" where the factory stereo is.

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