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Originally Posted by silvrXI View Post
LOL you fail... When timing the Vanos, I accidentally turned the exhaust sprocket too far. when installing Vanos, you need to move the secondary timing chain in order for the vanos gear to spline in. Apparently you are only supposed to turn it in untill the vanos gear is fully extended... If you further turn the exhaust sprocket, then the vanos is already set up too far in advance. Thanks for the tip, but I decided to re-time the vanos gear (which is 100% adjustable on E36 and E46 and E90) and then start it up again. After 2 hours of driving, (turning it off a few times as well) the code has not returned. Glad I didnt waste money replacing a perfectly good cam sensor, or waste time diagnosing a wiring issue.

I understand you meant well, but this absolutely solved my problem. Anyone else with this same issue (P1519 code after replacing head gasket or removing vanos) should read this post and take this advice under consideration. Or not trust me at all since this is my 10th post in this forum. Thanks guys. btw I love my E46s.

You really FAIL.

The timing on the E46's is not adjustable, period. The timing is fixed, so there is no "advancing" or "retarding" of timing...PERIOD. No matter what kind of VANOS work is done, the timing has to be set back to original specs (camshaft position, sprockets, etc.). The OP's original issue had to do with a code...the OP mentioned nothing about opening up the engine head and/or messing around with the VANOS unit.

You fail.

And are "retarded".


Have an EVAP code? Replacing gas cap did not fix? Give me a holler, I can do a smoke test for ya.
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