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Originally Posted by GRIDLOCK View Post
You really FAIL.

The timing on the E46's is not adjustable, period. The timing is fixed, so there is no "advancing" or "retarding" of timing...PERIOD. No matter what kind of VANOS work is done, the timing has to be set back to original specs (camshaft position, sprockets, etc.). The OP's original issue had to do with a code...the OP mentioned nothing about opening up the engine head and/or messing around with the VANOS unit.

You fail.

And are "retarded".

Read, Comprehend, Reply.
You Fail.

OK maybe you are not aware of what vanos does... it ADVANCES AND RETARDS YOUR CAM TIMING... Vanos is NOT fixed, it can easily be put on in the wrong position. While installing the vanos, the cams are fixed, and held with cam blocks, the sprockets are separate from the cams at this point and have a certain degree of movement (for when vanos advances/retards CAM timing.) Now, what we are doing is moving the sprockets on the secondary chain in order to "time" the vanos. The vanos gears need to engage at the proper "time" compared to cam sprocket rotation. So essentially you are "timing" or aligning the vanos. Of course the cams can't be moved at all, considering they are being held in place by blocks. So essentially the vanos can be aligned to far advanced with cam location, or too far retarded compared to cam location...

I understand that OP did not do any work to his car... However, when I did a search on this code, this thread came up. OP is not the only person in this world that has gotten this code... And maybe you didn't read my post completely... Here, I'll quote it for you.

Originally Posted by silvrXI View Post
Anyone else with this same issue (P1519 code after replacing head gasket or removing vanos) should read this post and take this advice under consideration.
I was simply helping other people in the world, (news flash you're not the only one) that may decide to google "p1519 BMW" and guess what, they too have just replaced the head gasket... or maybe they took their car to a shady mechanic and hes trying to tell them that the code has nothing to do with him replacing the head gasket... Why don't you see the point in forums and threads? It is to help other people in the future... I mean you were arguing with me that its impossible to time the cams... that has nothing to do with the issue here, way to go off topic... Sorry if I used words like "time the vanos" Maybe a better term would be align the vanos... You simply misunderstood and had to prove a point that you're smarter than me. Congrats I hope you feel good about yourself.

FTR... re-aligning (proper term I guess so you dont get flamed?) the vanos assembly fixed my problem 100%. So, if you are searching the forums because you have a P1519 code after replacing a head gasket, or removing the vanos assembly. (Also people that have installed performance cams like schrick) I would highly recommend re-aligning the vanos. If you however have never opened the engine, and the code popped up out of no where, I would take a look at your vanos solenoid, as well as cam shaft position sensor. And make sure the wiring is intact.

That is all. Sorry for upsetting you. I am on multiple forums (M3forums, BFC, bimmerfest, dtm) and have been using them for multiple years now. This forum however really gets to me... People like you are really annoying, and thats all I ever see over here. Calling me retarded? Sweet joke noob. That is all.

see ya


Haha weren't you the one that asked if you can use BMW synthetic oil in any car?? Was that a joke?

Can BMW Synthetic oil be used.........
on any vehicle? I have some extra qts. in the garage and since my other car (4Runner) uses 5w30, and since I have some BMW Synth 5w30 laying around, thought I'd might use it and save a trip to Wally's...

Thanks in advance!

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