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Originally Posted by mujjuman View Post
Wow this is great info!

Originally Posted by Chilton View Post
Thanks so much for the definitive write-up. A quick question.
Can the solenoid in the GM trans be replaced when changing the fluid? Is this a DIY opportunity?
Thanks again.
If you drop the pan while changing fluid yes it can be changed very easily. Completely a diy opportunity. If you want pictures of where it is located and how easy of a job it would be, click the Inside of an Automatic Transmission link in my sig

Originally Posted by leopoldoguti View Post
-Thank You So much for this Info, i was already freaking out... i have a GM unit and just like u said Warms up and reverse is all good.. Now to find out how much will a indy shop will charge to replace the solenoid.. anybody knows?
It really shouldnt take more than an hour or two of labor. All you have to do is drop the pan and the solenoid is literally right there. Just pop the pin and pull it out carefully then replace it. Same to you, click the Inside of an Automatic Transmission link in my sig to see if it might be a diy job for you
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