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thanks for the tip

Originally Posted by Luky View Post
No. In fact if you have a lot of corrosion on the RTABs I would probably say not to use an impact wrench. Living in San Diego my car has never seen snow and very little rain so my RTABs must have come out pretty easily compared to others. Using a hand wrench you can go slow and make sure it is coming out straight. One of the guys that rented it had the bushing carrier twist (where it is split) which caused the shaft to bend and stick the block on the threads. He had to cut the shaft to get it off and order a new shaft/block from MIS to finish the job. Use a 1/2" ratchet and cheater pipe and it shouldn't take that long. Make sure the block is covering both ends where it is split (on the bushing carrier) so it does not deform as you are pressing it out.
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