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My Ride: '01 330xi
Bought my XI at 87k. Sitting comfortably at 99k.

Fixed so far:
Water pump + pulley
Thermostat and housing
Engine oil + filter
Air filter
Upper and lower intake boots
Cleaned IACV
Inspected and resealed DISA

Need to fix:
Passenger side xenon low beam flickers a few times and then goes out.
Leaky valve cover (sometimes get that burning oil smell from the center vents)
Possibly have a leaking ATF hose somewhere by the radiator
Threw P0171 and P0174 codes a couple weeks after getting the car, just as I was starting a 400 mile road trip; Never figured out what caused it but SES light went out a week or two later. Need to have a tech look for vacuum leaks.
Whistling pulley in cold weather condition. Temps haven't been consistently cold enough for me to fix this just yet.
CV boots are in good shape but I'd still like to get a second pair of trained eyes on them
ATF fluid+filter change

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