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Originally Posted by bombguy View Post
Brian (I'm taking a guess that's your name), thanks for the review! Just one quick you have full range treble and bass control. Did your sound deteriorate at all, as in too little bass or too much treble, vice/versa. Also, does that little "speaker" button by the ash tray still have functionality? Is the audio more clear? The stock HU, to me, sounds muffled to a certain extent.
The DSP button does still work, and it seems to work exactly as before - making the sound field mroe "concentrated" for lac of a better word.

The Alpine unit has built-in bass and trebls controls that work well. It also has the ability to set bass and trebl control frequencies, a feature I havent played much with yet. So far the sound is very good. Radio is as good or better than before, and the ipod sound fantastic.

That said, I could never get a huge amount of clear bass before, and i still can't. Turn it up a ways and you can hear it start to fart. A new sub or a whole new amp/speaker setup will really be needed for that. But for me, this sounds great.
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