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Originally Posted by hyperiate View Post
Is it possible to swap the sunroof control and the microphone? It doesn't make sense to me that the mic position would be further from the driver than it needs to be when it looks like both positions are equal.

Originally Posted by sycE46 View Post
You can... but it's not a direct fit. you need to modify it a little. I've seen other people in the forums swap the sunroof switch and the mic location.
Yeah SYCE46 is correct. That was the first thing I did even before trying it out in the OEM position but I quickly realized that it would not fit without filing or cutting the MIC grill hole bigger to accept the sunroof switch.

At any rate it works just fine from the OEM position. The only complaint I got was one time where my gfriend said I sounded far away but she said it wasn't an issue for her or anything.

NOTE: The sound comes from the speakers and not the mic, just to be sure that you were not thinking that.

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