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Originally Posted by Blocked Out View Post
you know you could've done just that..
And plus if you drive like a normal person and dont block the left lane going granpa slow, you wont have any tailgaters.
You must have never driven in and around New York City.
Just tonight I was coming back from the movies in Mt. Kisco and driving southbound on the Saw Mill Pkwy (a dark two lane parkway that is very twisty with sharp turns and dips running about 30 miles thru Westchester) and the are lots Deer everywhere at the edge of the road eating grass and sh!t.

So I'm going like 60-70 mile (the limit is 55 but there is no Cops because there is no shoulder for anyone to pull you over) and guess what?!

I got tailgated twice by idiots who refused to go around me.

The thing is I was in the Right Lane but because deer tend to dart out from the other side no one wants to pass on the left!

So I blasted my rear fogs on all of 'em! It gives them a choice to either slow the fcuk down off my ass OR risk totaling your car on a 12 pt Buck trying to get nowhere fast.

I like giving people choices.

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