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Originally Posted by Indy330i View Post
I am having the cold weather oil separator replacement done on my 2002 330i. The shop looked up the kit components and it called for replacing the dipstick guide tube. The tube cost was $350.00. Why would that need replacing. Does the new oil separator and additional pieces not match up with the existing guide tube. I am having a shop do the work, and they too were surprised. I am going to have them compare the existing one to the new one before installing it. Any thoughts?
The "old" dipstick tube has a thin crescent shaped chamber inside where the oil separator line connects that tends to plug up. However I've never had a problem and I replaced everything other than the dipstick tube when I saw the $350 price tag! If you want you can modify the original tube by cutting out the crescent or drilling a new hole, I didnt bother.
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