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Originally Posted by nhs99v View Post
First off - brilliant post! I am definitely going to follow this!

However, I don't have the CD player in the dash, I have the tape deck as there is an autochanger in the boot.

Please tell me that this will work with that as it is too good to be true if it does! I have read some very complicated posts about how you can get the phone controls activated in the steering wheel and all very very expensive!

Thanks again!
Should work with the tape deck. As long as the A connection is 17 pin style, you have steering wheel buttons for Bluetooth and you have a display on your radio.

yeah the OEM Bluetooth upgrade is almost as exhausting and expensive as putting in the OEM nav unit. When a DIY asks of me to remove my seats and carpets, drill antenna holes in my roof and 90% of my dash panel for putting in 10 year old technology that can cost me $2,000+ at the dealership I gotta ask myself is it worth it.

The OEM bluetooth kit has like 5 or more parts that never seem complete and can cost about $1000+ and I think it only works with like 2 or 3 phones.

Originally Posted by FlzRider View Post
I just realized this wont work for iPhone users UNLESS your iPhone is a 3GS. The 3GS is the only iPhone with voice dialing capabilities.
Get a Blackberry. iPhone and Apple should have had simple stuff like voice dial and V.2.0 bluetooth wrapped up since the 1G iPhone. These are not new technologies.

So you mean to tell me there is no App for that!?


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