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Originally Posted by steve.325i View Post
I know what you mean. Hit the wrong button with the Dice & you have just lost your spot in your play list.

The USA-Spec remembers the last played position in all four playlists ... even when you remove the iPod for reprogramming.
That actually may have just sold me.

1. I don't need 50 playlists and I definately do not have a max of 4 playlist on my iPod BUT I do like how SPEC handles the 4 Playlists via the ease of scrolling thru long playlist and bookmarking the spot in each playlist.
I won't enjoy having 50 playlists in my Head Unit via the DICE and having to scroll thru to find my last spot on the list.

2. I'm a simple guy that like to have my lists set and once the iPod is plugged in and ready to go all I want to do is press PLAY and possible FFD and RWD.

3. I don't have a habit of indexing thru playlists while I'm driving. I like to have it set up already.

4. Sound quality with complete lack of audio hissing is important to me as I listen to podcasts and lectures in-car and would hate to have that old school tape recorder background hiss all the time.

That said, I would most likely use my iPod/Car connection for listening to my lectures and podcasts which usually have hour long blocks of sound file and it seems the SPEC robs me the ability to rwd and fwd inside the sound file as it is playing. I would hate to miss a sentence or joke and have no way of rwd back to the last minute in the podcast.

But Steve told me, as he should've made clear in his videos, that whiles it may be a CON, and a big fcuking CON at that, the SPEC allows you to press 6 and access the file on your iPod. Which for me may not be good as I have the forever-slippery-when-driving iPod Touch to contend with.

The DICE sounds like something that is a passing FAD that everyone will say they had until something came along that was better. So far the SPEC is winning out for my money. AND you are telling me IT COST's a done deal dot com mates!


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