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out for a ride today. a rider i have never ridden with joined me and some friends...
we were on an old backroad, there's lots of gravel. he approached a slight curve going way to fast and panicked. locked up both tires and hit the ground. got thrown off the bike. and slid a couple hundred feet.
there were many factors in the accident; speed, experience, tires, attitude, location of part of the road he was riding on...
he was speeding, trying to keep up with more experienced riders who know these backroads, he hit his front break hard in gravel, his front tire was bald, he had a very squid-like attitude , and tire skid marks show he was pretty much on the shoulder (where gravel always is on pretty much any highway).

just wanted to share. ride at your own pace. be careful.
it's just crazy. this **** happened right in front of me. kinda in awe....
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