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Originally Posted by SD 328I View Post
The 848 and 1098/1198 are all physically the same size, using the same bodywork.

So I'm assuming you are purely talking about the engine size, which is substantial but not overkill.

The difference between the 1098 and 848 isn't that great, and if you have the skill to handle the 848 V-Twin or 600 I4, you can handle the 1098.

Also, your depreciation will be far less with the used bike. A two year old 1098 with 5,000 miles has already hit the large part of it's depreciation, especially when you consider many have expensive mods like Termi pipes.

While a new 848 will lose you thousands in the next couple of years.
Yeah, I was referring to engine size. Maybe it's psychological! Hell, if Ducati offered a 600cc version with the same 848/1098 body styling, I'd probably be more prone to opt for that. LOL!

I agree with you about the depreciation, and I'd be more than willing to opt for a used Duc. The problem is that there aren't any available in my area. I've checked CycleTrader daily, and no local dealers had any used 848's.
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