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Originally Posted by spicoli024 View Post
hmm I was not aware of that. So you're out by the Space Center then, right? We used to keep our yacht at LYC, which is right by there in Seabrook and their address is Seabrook, TX so I guess I assumed Clear Lake would be Clear Lake, TX not Houston, TX.
Yeah, I am not far from NASA and Seabrook. I actually grew up in Seabrook, well, technically El Lago, which is its own city.... the zoning is really jacked up around here. Accross the street from me is considered Webster, then around the other corner is Clear Lake City, TX. I guess I fall right on the line of Houston. I am in between Pinelock and El Dorado off HWY 3 and 45, near Bay Oaks kind of area if you are familiar.
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