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First off, if you are with a girl who meets the criteria listed you are a fvcking fool. But yes some women are born to cheat, as are men. Im not a cheater but I have problems being committed to one girl. When the sex is consistent it becomes routine for me and that makes it boring. I enjoy the hunt, I enjoy meeting new women and having random almost anonymous sex. Even though I may be deprived of sex for longer than those in relationships I get a thrill out of someone that I just met, that I just dont get with someone who I've known. And in the morning we part ways and I dont have to deal with all the BS that comes with being in a relationship. I enjoy my solidarity, other people tend to complicate my life and so I keep a few close friend and thats good enough for me. Getting back on topic, as with all things in life not everyone is looking for the same things when it comes to sex. Just look at all the fetishes out there, people get turned on by weird things, and some people get off on cheating. Fortunately if you have half a brain you can spot this type from a mile away.

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