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Originally Posted by redrum0486 View Post
NIce DIY. Two questions:

1. Do you know if this will work on the Professional headunit?

2. Will this work with the iPhone sans voice dialing? I don't really need voice dialing... I'd just like to be able to receive calls and make calls from the steering wheel.

If that head unit had the 17 pin round connector in th eback then the CTPPAR007 will work. If it has the flat pin style 40 connector then you need the CTPPAR008 connector.

iPhone sucks for ALL voice dailing bluetooth system. Fortunately it will still work for all iPhones BUT it won't be like in my video with my Blackberry 8900.
Your voice command is done thru an App that you have to download or something. I don't know much about it but you can find out from SYCE46-do a search for his threads.

Originally Posted by redrum0486 View Post
Also, I already have Assist, is there any way to tap into the OEM mic or would I have to mount the aftermarket one elsewhere?

You car has that!? I want it as well? How did you get that? Is your car imported or something?
Is the Assist in the mirror or in your headliner?
I've been told that splicing MICs don't usually result in happy endings but no need to splice anything since the Parrot's ck3000 MIC is really good-if not better than anything BMW put in your car 5-6 years ago. You can just install the Parrot's MIC in place of the the OEM MIC (which should just clip off of the MIC grill) before anything to see if you are happy with it before cutting up your car and the parrot's MIC.

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