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Originally Posted by royalratch View Post
All aftermarket speakers have the same terminals / tabs. You connect using spade terminals but in the case of BMW connectors I assume that's what you do.

So of the 4-wire connector at the door speaker, 2 are just a kick-up to the tweeter?

Where is the crossover?
all aftermarket speakers do not have the same terminals, though most do have spade style connections. the ones i used (Infinity Kappa 60.9cs) did not have spade connections. and subs count as speakers too...

i had the non-hk system, and like all of the cars with amps in the trunk, it had dedicated wires going from the rear to each independent speaker. the crossover is integrated into the amplifier in most cars, though i'm not versed in cars from over the pond. your car either has an amp in the trunk (on the left side) with similar wiring or may be sending power from an internal amp in the head unit up front. in either case, i've not heard of any external crossovers being utilized by BMW.

hope that helps a little. maybe someone with a similar car will jump in here...
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