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Originally Posted by sna77 View Post
fantastic writeup!
Thanks. the write up took longer to do than the actual DIY (I think this is a first for me). I went into this DIY after a year of contemplating and building up my courage to cut the leather and after 30 minutes I was done and I was like "that was easy".

I'm getting PMs about the glue.

1. I got a heavy duty fabric/automotive glue called Beacon's Multi-Grip ($10 for a 2oz bottle) but I haven't used it yet so I can't fully recommend it but it was recommended to me by the hardware shop clerk. Whatever glue you use make sure it can glue soft fabric (leather) to hard surface (plastic/metal).

2. The glue will not function to hold the cup holder in place at the foam part. The glue's MAIN job in the case of this DIY will be to keep the leather flushed and sealed against the unit's lip. The inner foam is such high quality it literally grips and holds the unit firmly in place. All the glue will do is keep the leather part of the armrest sealed up tightly against the lip of the unit so the leather doesn't stretch or leave gaps. Gluing will also help keep the corners where you cut the leather from expanding overtime.

3. I have not applied glue at the time of this writing so I can swap out my unit and put another unit in it's place (say if I wanted to use a different color cup holder for example). Gluing would most likely make the DIY permanent for the cup holder you decide to glue down unless you can figure out how to safely un-glue the cup holder's metal frame from the leather.

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