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Originally Posted by Lemonsqr View Post
About time! JJ Great writeup and DIY, Del! Have you tried to put a fully loaded Big Gulp into the holder? I'm wondering if there is any sagging of the holder due to the weight of the cup and drink. It would be great if you reported back with that experiment.
Yes. I don't make a habit of carrying loaded Big Gulps anywhere with me
but I can understand the need for that haunt my fellow Americans this so I loaded the Big Gulp with water and ice and tested. Here are the results of that test.

POSITIVES: The holder rubber fingers grip the cup well even even though condensation formed on the outside making the cup plastic surface slippery. The holder by itself is made of some sort of cast iron steel so it is pretty heavy (about 1.5 - 2 lbs) and sturdy on it's own. In fact, it probably doubles the weight of the armrest when added to the armrest.

There was no sagging on the holder off the armrest either. My DIY application pretty much mimics the OEM application of the cup holder unit. So expect it to perform in your car as it originally did in a BMW E38 740il. Again this is not a cheap or shoddy plastic holder that you find on other cars. It is all metal/rubber with little plastic and very sturdy.

NEGATIVES: The low profile of the finger grips does indeed have a low center of gravity grip on the Big Gulp. The diameter of the bottom portion of the Big Gulp is about 50% narrower than the diameter of top rim so the weight and volume distribution of the liquid in a fully loaded Big Gulp will reflect this contrast. As a result the top heaviness of a full Big Gulp will strain the rubber grip and with condensation on the outer surface of the Big Gulp making the surface slippery the Big Gulp will become extremely unstable during rough driving and harsh breaking. It will be fine in normal driving conditions.

However your rear passenger sitting there can easily reach and secure the Big Gulp and rest their arm comfortably on the armrest body at the same time.

Hence a fully loaded Big Gulp should not be left unattended in the rear seat console cup holder during rough and harsh driving.

Originally Posted by sna77 View Post
Yup... welcome to a backseat for an infant:

You have kids SNA77? Cool. You must be excited to have the little hands at your disposal for future DIYs.

Originally Posted by sna77 View Post
Just checked my armrest... it is noticeably thinner... ?
You been driving your car all these years and just now opened down the rear armrest?
Say it isn't so. lol.

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